Philip Paris

Phillip Paris is the owner of Ponderosa Pet Resort located in Georgetown, TX which offers lodging, daycare, grooming and world class training. 

Since its’ inception in 2010, Phillip has learned many valuable lessons and fundamentals that have transformed his business into a very solid, well respected part of the community. 

Phillip’s passion is to teach other facility owners and managers how to maximize their profits, maximize employee engagement, and to empower owners to take control over their business and direct it into what leads to greater freedom and happiness. 

Phillip owns and is Lead Consultant at Phillip Paris Consultants, a pet industry consulting and coaching firm. Phillip has also partnered with Dan and Malory Poirier to form Pet Business REVolution, a one-day, pet industry workshop featured in locations throughout the U.S. each quarter. 

Phillip lives in Georgetown, TX with his wife, Mindy and children Parker (11) and Emma (6 going on 30) and a dog named Hank. 

#funfact: Phillip hates pet puns. Fur real.

Topic: “I’m A Solid No!” Balancing the Demands and Managing Your Greatest Asset, YOU!

Description: Being the greatest asset to your business comes with many demands. Demands from staff, demands from clients, and even more so, the demands you place on yourself. Creating balance can be difficult. 

In this presentation, Phillip will identify some key strategies and principles that will help create balance and happiness in a world filled with chaos. 

Ensuring that your greatest asset thrives should be your daily goal. You can have balance and happiness if you put your mind to it through some simple steps that you can start TODAY!

Jeff Novak

Jeff is the founding partner and chief architect of business direction and development for Novak Brothers, a full-service real estate development company. In the past 7 years Novak Brothers has developed over 250 million dollars in real estate, with a focus on mixed-use communities. Currently Novak Brothers owns real estate assets valued over 125 million, those assets include residential developments, multi-family, retail, office and hotels. Currently Novak Brothers has real estate projects under construction totaling 100+ million.

Before starting Novak Brothers Jeff was the founder and CEO of an innovative real estate marketing and sales agency. Jeff spent 8 years providing comprehensive sales and marketing programs for builders and developers. Now he brings that experience to his own projects; identifying opportunities, raising capital, and executing on company owned developments.

Jeff’s career began as a walk-on at Texas State University where he earned all-American honors and was named to the Southland Conference All-Decade Team. Jeff’s professional football career began with 8 years as an offensive lineman in the NFL, where he played for the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars. During his time in the NFL he was named a team captain and elected to represent his team as their Union Player Rep at the Annual Union Meeting in Hawaii.

​Topic: "From Resilience to Brilliance"

Description: Jeff learned a lot of lessons as a professional football player that have led him to be the successful businessman and family man that he is today. In this inspiring presentation, Jeff shares those lessons with you in the form of questions. Questions to inspire the creation of your legacy, questions to challenge your stats quo. If you are ready to improve the qualify of your life or your business, Jeff is excited to take you on that challenging and inspiring ride...from resilience to brilliance.

Kerry Reitnauer
Kerry is a Sr. Data Architect with over 24+ years’ experience leading business intelligence evolutions, data architecture simplifications, and custom application development teams across a variety of industries. He is an expert in analyzing and understanding data, building databases and process architectures to support efficient use of the business information while teaching the executives how to use the data to drive change. 

He is a consultant for Coastal Clou
d and co-owner of Cold Nose Lodge. Previous clients/employers include Fairpoint Communications, Accenture, Verizon, and USPS. 

Kerry’s learned he was good at understanding data and how important it was in making sure a computer application ran efficiently. His career really took shape when he figured out how important data was to the executives that are trying to run a business. When an executive asked a question, Kerry could gather up the necessary data to answer the questions with real information, not just gut feel. This led to his pursuit of Business Intelligence roles within companies. 

Topic: "Data Matters"

Description: Don't just follow your gut. Use your data to make informed business decisions.

Abigail Whitthauer

Abigail is the owner of Roverchase in Birmingham Alabama. She has been a professional dog trainer for 15 years. As one of the most certified dog trainers in the southeastern U.S., she is the only certified canine behavior consultant in Alabama, a certified professional dog trainer, and one of just 70 trainers worldwide selected by Victoria Stilwell to hold the prestigious title of Victoria Stilwell Professional Dog Trainer. Abigail is also a member of the Pet Professionals Guild and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She previously has worked as a veterinary technician, professional groomer, and professional pet sitter. Abigail is frequently accompanied by her service dog, Macallan.

Topic: "Is Day Training Right For You?"

Description: In this session, Abigail will discuss setting up and maintaining a successful Day Training program. She will outline the potential benefits and pitfalls for your facility and will share solutions to common problems with a Day Training Program.  

Learn whether a Day Training program would be an asset to your facility as well as how to more efficiently structure an existing program so that it will both benefit your clients and create a streamlined approach for your business management.  

Roverchase, Abigail’s facility, employs 2 full time trainers, in addition to Abigail’s oversight. Day Training (not including group classes or private lessons) currently provides over 25% of Roverchase’s income.

David Clegg:
David Clegg is a passionate relationship marketing expert who works with professionals who desire to unlock relationships and allow them to be as mutually beneficial as possible. David knows one's net worth is often untapped in their network, both professionally and personally; that there are a few skills that can be learned which will supercharge relationships. David has worked with professionals around the globe. The skills he teaches his clients transcends language and culture: It’s all about relationships. David tells his clients “Rich, mutually rewarding relationships take time and you can’t cheat time.” A Kentucky native, David proudly boasts a full set of teeth and commonly wears shoes. He resides in Villa Hills with his wife Mary, they have been married since 1990 and have 3 children. Being from Kentucky he enjoys great bourbon accompanied often by a delightful cigar. Mary, David with their daughters Audrey & Allie operate Allie’s Walkabout which began as a dog-walking service started by Allie when she was only 9 years old. Now 19, Allie and Audrey, 22, want to grow the company regionally and, Lord willing, nationally. David’s secret to success is being self-aware enough to know what you shouldn’t be doing, and connected well enough to know the person who should.

​Topic: "The Networking Combination: Unlocking Relationships One Tumbler at a Time"

Description: Relationships can be messy but they don’t have to be. David will help you unlock relationships by understanding which tumblers need adjustment; including your own. If you apply the principals, will allow you to develop and experience some of the richest relationships of your life. As a leader you have the responsibility to nurture relationships with people in your life to bring out their best and your own. 

Dr. Erin Homburg

Dr. Erin grew up in southern Texas with her parents and sister. She got her start in the veterinary field at the ripe age of 12, when she began volunteering in her hometown veterinary clinic. She continued to work at a neighboring hospital while she attended Texas A&M University for her undergraduate studies and veterinary school, working as a surgery technician in the College’s Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic at the same time. In 1999, she graduated with her DVM degree and moved to Austin with her husband. Together with her business partner, Dr. Greg Biehle, she opened Austin Urban Veterinary Center in December of 2009.

Endocrine cases like Cushing’s disease, diabetes, and hypothyroidism are some of Dr. Erin’s favorite medical challenges. No two days are ever the same! She also loves the long-term relationships she gets to foster with clients and their pets.

Dr. Erin met her husband, Dale, at Texas A&M during her freshman year. They have two boys together, Gavin and Logan, and share their home with two dogs named Cassie and Gus.

Dr. Erin serves as Gavin’s Cub Scout leader in her spare time and is proud to have received the Northern Star Award for leadership in her Pack. She also enjoys scrapbooking, snow skiing, kayaking, camping, and relaxing with a glass of wine when she has the chance.

Topic: "Daycare Owner and Vet: How to Create a Symbiotic Relationship"

Description: The relationship between vet and daycare owner, transmittable diseases in a daycare setting, cleaning practices, vaccinations and more.

2019 Speakers

Pat & Jenna Quinn

Pat and Jenna Quinn ditched their corporate jobs in 2015 to go all in on opening their first doggie day care. Be inspired as they tell you how they went from a one person grooming salon to a full service facility, opened a second grooming location just one year later, launched a mobile grooming service, then opened a third facility specializing in training in 2018. They are currently in the process of building their dream home, their first Pet Resort and are launching an on line puppy training program. All of this was accomplished along side of taking in countless foster dogs and raising two young daughters. What was once 2 people and 1 groomer is now 30 people strong and growing! But it (took and continues to take) lots of sacrifice, a commitment to pushing through when others would quit and a consistently positive attitude. Learn from their mistakes, their
successes and walk away feeling fired up! Their motto : we will do whatever it takes to succeed or we will die trying….literally!

Topic: "Seriously - Look What We've Done"

Description: How to succeed in the midst of adversity; what does it take

Dan & Mallory Poirier

Dan & Mallory Poirier are cousins, lifelong friends, business partners, and owners of Fetch n’ Catch LLC, Buffalo’s largest dog daycare facility.

Opened in 2012, Mallory, Dan, and their team have grown Fetch n' Catch LLC to exceeding seven figures in annual revenue in less than four years. They offer daycare, overnight boarding, grooming, and training. They employ 32+ people, and care for 150 dogs per day. In 2018 they opened Fetch n’ Catch Training Center, a 3,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to their training programs.

Dan & Mallory own CORE Culture Consulting Group, working with pet business owners across the U.S. and Canada. Along with Phillip Paris, Dan and Mallory created Pet Business REVolution, a workshop for pet business owners, which is featured in various locations across the United States. Dan & Mallory have a passion for cultivating a thriving company in which employees are satisfied and engaged, and to help other business owners do the same.

Dan resides in Elma, NY with his wife Christina, and a French Bulldog named Caesar. Mallory resides in Lancaster, NY with her longtime boyfriend Jesse, and their mini schnauzer, Quinn.

Topic: “Culture Club… Not just for Boy George!”

Description: Corporate culture is one of the most integral parts of your business. It effects virtually all aspects of your company. It sets the tone every single day for staff and clients alike. It is the backbone of your team. Many common issues in business start and end with culture. Yet, all too often, it is pushed to the back burner, with business owners simply not sure of where to start. A culture that is not properly cultivated will almost always result in drama & dissatisfaction among staff, high employee turnover, poor customer service, and management that is at their wits end!

During this presentation, Dan and Mallory will break down the concept of company culture in easy to digest, tangible segments. You will leave with a solid understanding of:

• Company culture, and why it should be a top priority.
• Red flags in your culture: How to identify them, and steps to take.
• In dollars and cents, what is employee turnover costing you?
• Hiring, onboarding, staff training, and firing: From A to Z.
• Steering the Ship: Becoming the leader that your team requires.

With Dan and Mallory’s help, transform your culture from the elephant in the room to your company’s biggest asset.

Jane Caruso-Dahms

“What do you do?”
“Pet photography.”
“Is that a thing?”
“It sure is.”

And there is nothing I’d rather do.

I photograph all kinds of animals for private and commercial clients, whether they are furry, finned or feathered. I specialize in studio portraits on seamless paper, but am happy to hold sessions outside or in other locations. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with my clients to design gallery walls of their best friends that they will enjoy for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for timeless black and whites or bold pops of color, we’ll work together to create personal art that you will LOVE. Bring on the slobber. Let’s have some fun.

On a personal note, I donate my time and talent to local shelters and rescues in the hopes that I can make a difference. I am owned by two dogs: Bradley and Giovanni, who are both rescues of course. And they’re both pretty darn cute.

Topic: "Getting Good Pictures, Even When the Dogs Just Want to Play"

Description: When working with animals, it's not always possible to get a good picture on the first (or twentieth) try. Jane will help us learn some of her tricks of the trade to great shots. She will show us how to crop and edit shots to make bad shots good and good shots even better. She will also perform a demo with the pups in attendance to show us her tips in action. 

Michael Shikashio:

Michael Shikashio, CDBC, is the past president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and provides private consultations working exclusively with dog aggression cases through his business Complete Canines LLC. 

Michael is fully certified through the IAABC and is a full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). He also offers mentoring and training to other professionals.

Michael is sought after for his expert opinion by numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, New York Post, Baltimore Sun, WebMD, Women’s Health Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, The Chronicle of the Dog, and Steve Dale’s Pet World. He is a featured speaker on the topic of canine aggression at conferences and seminars around the world, and he currently teaches “Aggression Cases: A to Z” through The Dog Trainers Connection and the “Aggression in Dogs Mentorship” through the IAABC.

For more about Michael Shikashio:

Topic: "Fight Club! - Common Reasons for Dog Fights and How to Safely Break Them Up"

​Description: Common reasons for dog fights and how to break them up safely.

Paychex Representative Carl Gotcher
Topic: "Top 10 HR Issues Small Businesses Face"

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