2019 Schedule

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4:30-6:30 Meet & Greet


8-8:45am Early Bird Topic - Attracting Media Coverage (optional informal discussion)

9-10:15am "The Networking Combination: Unlocking Relationships One Tumbler at a Time" - David Clegg

10:30-12:30pm "Fight Club! - Common Reasons for Dog Fights and How to Safely Break Them Up" - Michael Shikashio 

​12:30-1pm Q&A with Michael Shikashio

1-2pm Lunch (boxed lunch included)

2-3:15pm “Culture Club… Not just for Boy George!” - Dan & Mallory Poirier

3:30-4:15pm "Data Matter's" - Kerry Reitnauer

​4:15-5pm "Getting Good Pictures - Even When the Dogs Just Want To Play" - Jane Caruso-Dahms

8-8:45am Early Bird Topic - CBD Oil (optional informal discussion)
9-10:15am "Seriously, Look What We've Done - Key Ways To Grow Your Business" - Pat & Jenna Quinn
10:30-11:45am "Don't Screw Up These Things - Top 10 HR Issues Small Businesses Face" - Paychex Representative Carl Gotcher
​12:00-1pm Panel Discussion: "Howdy Partner - Working With Others To Grow Your Business"
1-2pm Lunch (boxed lunch included)

2-3:15pm "Is Day Training Right For You?" - Abigail Whitthauer
3:30-5pm Panel Discussion: More Than Group Play - Adding Enrichment Activities to your Daycare

6:30-10:30 Social event: Trip to Sixth Street, in downtown Austin


9-10:15am "Daycare Owner and Vet: How to Create a Symbiotic Relationship" - Dr Erin Homburg

10:30-11:45am “I’m A Solid No!” Balancing the Demands and Managing Your Greatest Asset, YOU! - Philip Paris

11:45-1pm "From Resilience to Brilliance" - Jeff Novak

3pm - Daycare Tours 


9am - Daycare Tours 

3pm - Daycare Tours 

Wondering what it's all about?  Below is the schedule for 2019!

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