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ODD Ball 2019





1. MANAGERS- You will be registering your manager separately (in previous years, they were an add-on to your own registration). After you complete your own registration, click the "register now" link again to open up a new registration and go through the same process again for your manager. If there is more than one owner attending, each owner will register separately (and pay separately) as well. 


2. "PLUS ONES" - Austin is expensive! If you are bringing a plus one (significant other for example) who is not part of the conference, but they would like to attend the meet & greet on Sunday evening we are charging $20 to help cover the cost of the extra food. There is a place on your registration to purchase an extra spot for the Meet & Greet. As an attendee of the conference, your (and your manager's) Meet & Greet food is included, bar is CASH BAR for everyone (emphasis on cash, no credit cards accepted).


3. SOCIAL EVENT - If you'd like to save a spot on the bus for the optional social event on Tuesday evening, you must buy a bus ticket. You can buy a ticket for your plus-one also. Please purchase the manager's ticket on the manager's registration form so we can more easily keep track of who has tickets. You are also welcome to skip the bus and arrange your own transportation. Click HERE for more information on where we are headed Tuesday evening!​ If you do not buy a ticket for the bus during registration, we will have any available spots left for sale at the check in table at The ODD Ball (but there are no guarantees any spots will be available!)


​​4. DAYCARE TOURS! As in previous years, we will be offering organized tours of local daycares. This year, we will be providing transportation via a bus and offering 3 different tour options: Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon. Each tour will go to different daycares, you can join any/all of them. To cover the cost of transportation, we will be charging $20 per tour and you can purchase a spot on each tour on your registration. Click HERE for more information including schedule details and the list of daycares in each tour. If you do not buy a ticket for the tours during registration, we will have any available spots left for sale at the check in table at ODD (but there are no guarantees any spots will be available!). Due to the size of the tour groups this year, we are NOT allowing the option to drive to the tour separately. If you want to join the tour, you have to buy a ticket so that we have exact numbers for the daycares volunteering to let us storm their gates.

***WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY PM TOURS ARE SOLD OUT! You may sign up for the waitlist for these tours on your registration and open spots will be filled in the order of waitlist registrations. There is still room in the THURSDAY AM tour***


5. REGISTRATION CODE: You need your code from the ODD Facebook group to register. Did you see the post? Check it out here if you missed it (or forgot).



11/4/18 - Early bird pricing valid through 11/4/18 at 11:59pm EST. 

12/28/18- Room block closes on 12/28/19. However, it also may close earlier due to selling out.  In that case, you will need to find your own housing for the conference.

12/31/18 - No refunds on your registration fees after 12/31/18.

1/13/19 - Registration ends on 1/13/19 at 11:59pm EST.


7. APPAREL! We are selling t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, and hoodies. You can purchase them on your registration, see the sizing chart for sizes (ADULT TEE and ADULT SWEAT in the sizing chart). See the photos at the bottom of this page for examples of colors and styles.  Color options are Crimson with a white logo, Navy with a white logo or White with a navy logo for both hoodies and t-shirts. Please look over the sizing chart before ordering, there are NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS, and to change sizes you'll have to swap with someone so double check the sizing! If you do not purchase apparel on registration, we MAY have a limited selection for sale at ODD but this is not guaranteed. ***HOODIES ARE SOLD OUT! T-Shirts and long sleeve shirts are still available*** 


​Ok. You've made it this far. It's time to register! Click the link below!

(If you have any questions, reach out to Melissa Giannone or Catherine Rogers on the ODD Ball Page or FB Messenger)