Owners of Dog Daycares

The ODD Ball 2020 

January 20 - 23

Doubletree by Hilton, New Orleans

About us


Who we are:

We are Owners of Dog Daycares (ODDs) coming together to learn from each other and support each other. Our goal is to help everyone in our group strive toward “best practices” in dog care and in our businesses.

Our membership:

The Owners of Dog Daycares Facebook group began in March of 2014 as a forum strictly for people who own a currently open dog daycare facility.  Proof of ownership is required from all new members. All current members must continue to meet our membership requirements (ownership of an open dog daycare) in order to remain in the group. 

In March of 2014 we started with approximately 500 members and have more than doubled our membership since that time.  While many of our group members are from the United States, we have attracted dog daycare owners from all over the world.  We have members in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Brazil, the UAE, Albania, and more!

One of the strengths of our group lies in the fact that, while every member is a dog daycare owner, no two dog daycare facilities are exactly the same. For our group’s purposes, we define a dog daycare as “a business that offers interactive group care for dogs from different families.”  Within that definition, our member’s businesses range from very large with multiple locations to very small “one-person shows.”  They can be found anywhere from large commercial buildings, to strip malls, to farms, and homes. They may have 50 employees or 1. We also have members who have been in business for decades and members who have only a few months under their belts.

This variety in our membership provides a wide range of experiences, perspectives and opinions for all of our group to draw from in their journey to achieve best practices in running their dog daycare facility.

Growth of the conference:

Shortly after the formation of our group, we realized that we needed a conference that addressed the unique issues and concerns of those who own and manage dog daycare facilities.  As current dog daycare owners, we are uniquely situated to know our educational needs. Therefore, we decided we wanted a conference put on by us and specifically geared toward us.

Out of this desire arose the 1st annual ODD Ball which was held in January 2015 in Las Vegas.  The first ODD Ball was huge success. So, we decided to do it again - bigger, better and even more fun!  Since that time, we’ve held The ODD Ball in Orlando, San Diego, Nashville, and Austin.  We’ve grown from 42 attendees that first year, to 195 attendees in Austin in 2019! For our sixth year, we are going to NEW ORLEANS!

What is the ODD Ball?

The ODD Ball is 4 days of learning, networking and brainstorming with fellow Owners of Dog Daycares and their managers.  The speakers and topics are chosen from suggestions made by the group.  We strive to keep the focus of the conference relevant to what ODDs struggle with on a daily basis. 

But the ODD Ball isn’t just about learning from speakers during the conference sessions.  As many who have attended previously can attest, some of the best learning opportunities come from networking - getting to know fellow owners and having "after hours" discussions! To facilitate this, we have a meet and greet reception, informal after-hours discussions, social events, and a service project. There is also a suite available for the duration of the conference that can be used to mingle, chat and hang out.